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Our workers' compensation insurance carrier, Normandy Harbor, understands the individual needs of Florida Businesses and is dedicated to giving them a safe harbor. Our model protects employees from avoidable workplace accidents and employers from needless workers' compensation costs. We continuously work together with our agents, our policy holders and their employees to ensure prompt and efficient service. We help create successful programs that will help our agents grow their business and our policyholders maintain a safe working environment for all their staff.

As part of the Platinum continuum of human resource services, Normandy adheres to its' guiding principle of controlling variables and containing costs when approaching workers' compensation programs. Success is achieved though our active administrative and risk management teams.

In addition to our precise documentation and reporting services, our claims management and administration is efficient and comprehensive. We pride ourselves on our Return to Work programs and annual policy reviews, resulting in lower claims and lower premium rates.

Our team visits each site to train and implement our safety programs as well as to complete necessary safety audits and reviews, including OSHA documentation and training.

Through its' range of workers' compensation and risk management services, Normandy Harbor enables companies to achieve greater profitability through lower premium costs, while creating safer work environments through employee safety education.

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